Commercial Stair Lifts Make Your Businesses Accessible to All Customers

As a Bruno Diamond Dealer HME is proud to offer commercial stair lift sales and installation for businesses and organizations across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Our Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift and Bruno Elite Outdoor give you straight and curved options. 

Commercial Stair Lifts Available:

Commercial Straight Stair Lift

Bruno Elite Straight Stair Lift

Our Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift Straight Stair Lift is one of our most popular residential stair lifts and can be installed on straight-forward vertical stair cases. No matter how narrow or long the stair case, as long as it’s a straight rail we can make the Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift work for your commercial purposes.

Commercial Custom Curved Stair Lift

Bruno Elite Outdoor Stair Lift

The Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift Outdoor Stair Lift is very similar to the indoor option except it’s designed to withstand weather and natural elements. These stair lifts are perfect for outfitting patio spaces and outdoor gardens.

Outdoor Stair Lift

Bruno Elite Custom Curved Stair Lift

Our Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift Custom Curved Stair Lifts can be made to fit any space. They have to be custom designed and built to fit each individual curved stair case as each one is typically different.

Stair Lift Solutions for a Wide Range of Commercial Applications

It’s in the best interests of all businesses to make their premises as accessible to their customers as possible. Our commercial stair lifts have proven to be an important investment for a wide range of businesses in different verticals:

  • Senior Living Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Retail and Office Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Churches

HME Makes Purchasing, Delivery and Installation Easy for Businesses:

We make outfitting your business with safe, reliable stair lifts as efficient as possible. We offer a full line of stair lifts commercially that will fit any space whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Depending on the scope of the project our trained technicians will be able to deliver and install your new stair lifts quickly and efficiently. HME is proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. Our warranties and long-term repair and maintenance services set us apart from the competition for both residential and commercial customers.

Commercial Wholesale Options Available

Commercial applications often require more than one stair lift especially for businesses like senior living facilities and hospitals. For these instances HME offers wholesale options that will make purchasing, delivering and installing stair lifts in bulk as smooth as possible. For more information about our wholesale stair lift options please contact us and tell us a little bit about your needs.

Commercial Stair Lift Delivery, Installation and Maintenance

HME truly sets itself apart by offering long-term support services for our stair lifts. We invest in training our technicians so they have the knowledge and skills to safely install each and every stair lift we sell. HME offers full installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance for all our commercial stair lifts.

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