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Home Accessibility & Safety Checklist

Posted March 18, 2013

A Safety Checklist for Your Home

HME has put together this safety checklist for you to use to find safety hazards in your home. We offer free in-home safety assessments if you would like one of our trained and certified safety experts to evaluate your home and recommend mobility products that will make it a safer space. However, we know some of our customers prefer to perform the safety assessment themselves which is why we have put together this safety checklist.

How to Use this At-Home Safety Checklist

We recommend you perform your at-home safety assessment with a friend or family member who can help you spot safety hazards. You can download and print the at-home safety checklist below and we recommend you use a clip-board and a pen to make notes as you wander through the different spaces of your home looking for the hazards mentioned on the checklist. Once you complete the checklist you should have a clear understanding of which rooms in your home need to improve from a safety perspective.

What to Do Once You’ve Completed the Checklist

The safety checklist is designed to make you aware of any safety hazards in your home, once you have completed the checklist you can prioritize addressing the more serious safety risks first. In some cases, you might find that simply rearranging furniture or decluttering a space can improve it from a safety perspective but in other cases you may need to purchase mobility products to serve as a ‘helping hand’ in that space. Many mobility products like grab bars and bedroom and bathroom safety products are small, easy to install, and quite affordable – but most importantly they make a huge difference when it comes to making your home safe for everyone.

Click Here to download our Home Accessibility & Safety Checklist

This guide covers the areas to consider in your home including information regarding specific rooms such as Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Closets & Laundry.

If you have any questions about the safety checklist or you need help after you’ve completed the assessment please call one of our representatives: 1-888-936-4110

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