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Safely Navigate a Curved Staircase with a Custom Curved Stair Lift

Not all staircases are created equal. That’s why we have the technology and the expertise to cater to your mobility needs with our renowned curved stair lifts. Our stair lifts are at once a work of art and a vital addition to the home of any elderly or disabled patron of HME Victoria. If you or your loved one is elderly or disabled a curved stair lift is that much more difficult to navigate than a straight stair lift. But finding a curved stair lift that will fit your existing home can be a difficult task and costly home renovations are often required. This is where HME Victoria stands apart from our competition. We help you bypass these costly home renovations by designing custom curved stair lifts that will revolutionize the way you see your curved stair case. Our designs are visually subtle but technically perfect so you will never have to fear going up or down your stairs again.

Curved Stair Lifts are Made Custom for You at HME Vancouver

HME specializes in the design, and installation of curved stair lifts. Using a state of the art digital measuring system, we will prepare a quote for your curved stair lift free of charge, and provide to you within two business days of the request. Our team can make the most complicated of curved staircases work, if you go to our projects page, you will see a number of curved installations we have done. Click on the product details button for links to product information and videos.

We are thrilled you’ve chosen to enhance your quality of life with our products. View our quality outdoor stair lift selection below and contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Here Are Some Examples of Custom Curved Stair Lift Installations

Elite Curved Stairlift

The Elite Curved Stairlift Can Be Custom Designed to Fit Any Staircase The Elite Curved Stairlift from Bruno offers a safe and durable design that installs on virtually any curved stairway! Many of our customers have complex and custom curved stair cases and need stair lift solutions that will meet their needs. HME can custom design a curved stairlift to fit any staircase no matter how intricate the design. Our…

Elite Curved Stairlift

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