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Hand Rails vs. Grab Bars vs. Bath Rails

There’s often confusion between what the differences are between hand rails, grab bars and bath rails, and when to use them respectively. In essence, hand rails run parallel to the walls in your home and as such are usually straight unless they need to turn a corner in which case the hand rail may have a curve in it. Grab bars are much more versatile in terms of size and shape. Bath rails, as the name suggests are specifically designed for use in bathrooms. It’s important to install these three different mobility products in the proper spaces of your home as they are not interchangeable.

You Should Install Hand Rails in a Few Key Areas of Your Home

Hand rails are most commonly used along staircases, hallways and as part of having a stair lift installed. They’re designed to be installed midway up a wall so there’s always a balance bar within reach as you walk along a lengthy expanse of wall. Most hand rails can support up to 250 lbs when properly installed in the right places in your home. For shorter expanses, it’s important to install a grab bar instead as they’re designed to distribute the weight across a shorter expanse of wall.

It’s Always the Best to Have a Specialist Assess Your Home for Free

If you’re unsure of whether you need hand rails, grab bars or bath rails, please contact us and we’ll schedule a free in-home assessment. We have locations in Vancouver, Victoria and South Surrey for your convenience. Furthermore, our certified technicians can answer any questions you may have about our products and would be happy to give you a trial of any of our products in our showroom.

PromenAid™ Hand Railings

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