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Access your Backyard Again with an HME Outdoor Stair Lift

If you or your loved one has difficulty navigating stairs indoors, the threat to their safety is even more great outdoor. Outdoor staircases are more of a threat to the safety of your elderly or disabled loved one because they are exposed to nature. Outdoor staircases are often slippery from rain, ice and snow and they wear out quickly if they’re not regularly maintained and replaced. Worst of all, this natural wear and tare may not be visible to the naked eye as water damaged wood can be difficult to detect. Because outdoor staircases are exposed to the elements they put elderly and disabled users are risk of serious injury.

Outdoor Stair Lifts are Designed to Withstand All Types of Weather

An HME Outdoor Stair Lift is the perfect solution for outdoor mobility. As mentioned above, an outdoor staircase is a great risk to your loved ones if they have difficulty navigating stairs. Our quality products are made from solid materials that have been tested to ensure your safe transportation to your patio or backyard. Please browse our stair lifts and select the model that you think will best suit your needs. Then, submit a quote to us and you’ll hear back from us shortly with our recommendations for your individual situation. Don’t worry! You will have the full support and attention of our trained staff who will help you with your selection to ensure that the outdoor stair lift you get will thoroughly meet your needs. Enjoy your home to its full extent and never be afraid of navigating the outdoors again with an HME outdoor stair lift.

We are thrilled you’ve chosen to enhance your quality of life with our products. View our quality outdoor stair lift selection below and contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Here Are Some Examples of Outdoor Stair Lift Installations

Curved Elite Outdoor

Our Curved Elite Outdoor Stair Lift is Weatherproof and Flexible The Curved Elite Outdoor Stair Lift is an outdoor stair lift with advanced features that are designed to withstand the most severe weather systems. The Curved Elite Outdoor Stair Lift has a built in protective canopy that can be used when the unit isn’t in use. The standard design of this product includes a two-coat painting system that will protect the rail…

Curved Elite Outdoor

Elite Straight Stairlift Outdoor

Elite Straight Stairlift Outdoor Straight Stair Lift – An Outdoor Stair Lift You Can Trust The Elite Straight Stairlift Outdoor Straight Stair Lift is handsome and dependable for safe and reliable access to and from the Great Outdoors! The Elite Straight Stairlift is our “outdoor” straight stair lift option, therefore, it’s one of our best selling stair lifts because it helps reconnect many of our customers with their backyards. Outdoor…

Elite Straight Stairlift Outdoor

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