Pride Multi-Fold Ramp

Multi Fold Ramps Can Extend Over Longer Lengths

Multi-Fold Ramps from Pride Lifts and Ramps make using a mobility product easy over entrances, small staircases and a variety of places in the home and outdoors. Highly durable and portable, Multi-Fold Ramps are offered in longer lengths for increased accessibility. These ramps can also support quite a bit of weight (600 lbs capacity) which makes them a good choice if you need them to extend over a larger or longer length that could cause other ramps to bend or over-extend. Multi-fold ramps are therefore a popular choice for residences and public spaces that have more space and need to accommodate a range of mobility-levels.

Please Visit Our Showroom or Call to Speak with a Representative about Multi Fold Ramps

As always, it’s best to speak with our representatives about your particular needs to we can recommend the best products and product-sizes to you before you purchase. Multi fold ramps are just one of the kinds of folding ramps we offer – including trifold ramps, and suitcase ramps – and each style of folding ramp caters to different spaces and different needs. Our certified technicians want you to get the right product the first time you buy.

30” x 6’ Ramp (RAMP600MFGT6) 600 lbs. capacity $605
30” x 7’ Ramp (RAMP600MFGT7) 600 lbs. capacity $685
30” x 8’ Ramp (RAMP600MFGT8) 600 lbs. capacity $770
30” x 10’ Ramp (RAMP500MFGT10) 500 lbs. capacity $1,025

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