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Would a Wheelchair Ramp Improve Your Quality of Life?

Wheelchair ramps, though small and discreet, make navigating your home a dream for family members who use wheelchairs. A wheelchair ramp will not only improve the easy with which you move around your home but will also help prevent dangerous injuries and accidents. If someone in your family uses a wheelchair, having a wheelchair ramp leading into high traffic rooms in your home can help make senior and disabled friends and family members feel safe and confident navigating their home and yours.

How Do You Choose Wheelchair Ramps That are The Right For You?

Although it’s a subtle and cost-effective addition to your home, choosing and installing the right wheelchair ramp is crucial to the safety and security of the person using it. An incorrectly fit or poorly made wheelchair ramp is just as dangerous as a misaligned threshold. Like all our products, HME Victoria prides ourselves on guiding your purchases to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. If you need a hand differentiating between the wheelchair ramps we offer, simply call in or visit our showroom

HME Custom Wood Ramps

Aesthetically Pleasing and Reliable Wooden Ramps for Improved Accessibility HME is proud to offer naturally beautiful wooden ramps. Adorn your home with new wooden accessibility ramps that add accessibility without compromising curb appeal. The HME custom wooden ramp will allow easier access into and out of the home for individuals in wheelchairs, motorized scooters and anyone else who finds stairs challenging to navigate. These ramps are made of pressure treated…

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Folding Trifold Ramp

The Folding Trifold Ramp is A Popular Ramp for It’s Versatility and Simplicity This portable wheelchair ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit, or if desired, can be quickly separated into two individual sections. By simply removing two hinge pins, the TRIFOLD Advantage Series ramp quickly separates into two lightweight halves, each with their own carrying handle. The durable, patent-pending hinge with interlocking brackets provides smoother…

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Folding Suitcase Ramps

Portable Suitcase Ramps for Mobility Anywhere Folding suitcase ramps can help you navigate spaces that are not optimized for people with limited mobility. The Portable Folding SUITCASE® Advantage Series ramp – with its single fold design, offers a simple solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access vehicles or overcome steps with ease. We recommend anyone with a scooter or wheelchair invest in an affordable suitcase ramp for easier access to…

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Pride Multi-Fold Ramp

Multi Fold Ramps Can Extend Over Longer Lengths Multi-Fold Ramps from Pride Lifts and Ramps make using a mobility product easy over entrances, small staircases and a variety of places in the home and outdoors. Highly durable and portable, Multi-Fold Ramps are offered in longer lengths for increased accessibility. These ramps can also support quite a bit of weight (600 lbs capacity) which makes them a good choice if you…

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HME Exclusive Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our Most Popular Threshold Ramps HME is the exclusive provider of the HME rubber threshold ramp, with the only access account in BC for this. A hidden dovetail locking system allows for easy installation and incremental ramp height adjustment of up to 3 inches. Modular design makes HME Exclusive Rubber Threshold Ramps a practical and affordable home accessibility solution. Durability in All Weather Patters for Indoor or Outdoor Use Rubber…

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Threshold Ramps

Small Changes Make a Big Difference Threshold Ramps are affordable and easy to install but can have a massive impact on your home as they can instantly make a space navigable via wheelchair or mobility vehicle. Threshold Ramps are encouraged where two floors meet and are uneven as these gaps often cause significant injury particularly for those with limited mobility and anyone who may not see the gap and as…

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Residential Pathway Modular Ramp

Make Your Home or Businesses Instantly Wheelchair Accessible Many of our clients need solutions for wheelchair accessibility that are affordable, easy to implement and versatile in case the structure of the building changes over the years. This residential pathway modular ramp was designed for exactly this type of situation. We know that it’s not always possible to install costly permanent wheelchair ramps in homes and businesses but wheelchair ramps are…

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EZ Access Modular Ramps

EZ Access Modular Ramps are Set Apart By How Easy They Are to Put Together This 24 foot ez access modular ramps system can be installed, handrails included, in less than 30 minutes. The entire ramp is made from lightweight aluminum that does not rot, rust or decay. No anchoring into concrete footings or pads is required which means the entire system: ramps, platforms, and handrails require minimal assembly. Designed to address…

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